Making Prefelt

Well today (Sunday 11th July) I decided to make some Prefelt (for the blue tree at the bottom of my square). Prefelt is sometmes called half felt and is made in exactly the same way as full felt but the felting process is ceased before the felt is fully shrunk and fully felted. These pieces can then be placed onto pictures and will adhere to a background of tops during the felting process.

I then realised that although I have made lots of prefelt before I have never made any in this type of wool before. Anyway, I laid out the prefelt at slightly bigger than the dimension of the finished tree as I decided that it would shrink a little – but not as much as tops will shrink during the felting process. This is a picture of the prefelt after the wetting stage and during the setting (where you rub it from the back and then the front).


After setting for about 15 mins I then rolled for 1 cycle (50 rolls and turning by 45 degrees and then turing over and repeating this process).

This is the pre-felt drying in the sun:

Although you can’t yet recognise it as a tree, this is what it looks like when it has been trimmed and shaped:

Completing the prefelt was a good exercise to understand the scale of the work we will be undertaking next weekend (yeek!) and to remember how much the wool spreads as it is wetted out. If I undertook this tree in prefelt again I would lay it out much smaller as I didn’t factor in the amount of spread when it was wetted. Good information for next week!

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